Where success and the joy of work go hand in hand

We care about nature and the environment and use our knowledge and innovative solutions to protect it. The park is the perfect complex to build a single ecosystem consisting of separate companies.



The architectural solution of the park creates a centre of international importance for entrepreneurs with shared values. The park has seen rapid development over the past few years and we want to keep heading in that direction.

Salto Architects

The winner of the Arhitecture Competition for the Green Park on 2016 was the Salto Architects.
Salto Architects is interested in the fascinating area between architecture, landscape design and art. During its fourteen year practice, Salto has mainly focused on public buildings and other kinds of projects with a public dimension where interdisciplinary and critical approach has a major role. Architects have won prizes in about 80 architecture and art competitions and have been lecturing in several institutions in Europe and Russia.

From an idea to a complete solution

The Green Park is unique in Estonia. It’s the largest business park in Southern Estonia and currently, it’s home to three buildings. We’re planning to erect more retail, office and service buildings to create an innovative and inspiring environment for small and large enterprises and the park’s visitors.

Green thinking

We care about nature and the environment and use our knowledge and innovative solutions to protect it. It is the perfect complex to build a single ecosystem consisting of separate companies.

Vision combined with green thinking

We love convenience, but we also love the world! We care about profits, but we also care about the environment! The balance and synergy between all these elements generate green harmony that’s unlike anything else in the Baltics.

Roheline (Green) street

The Green Park was named after Roheline (Green) Street, which runs through the park and helps to comprehend the concept of the park.


The first inhabitants of the Green Park – AS Dimedium and Intrac Eesti AS – are active in the field of agriculture and forestry, and are thus a wonderful addition to the concept.

Flexible – and focused on you

Our current and future clients are very important to us, and their wishes are very important. If you have any special requests or ideas, please contact us so that we’d be able to give you a business environment you’d enjoy!

Flexible rental spaces

All tenants of the Green Park can expect modern premises with a good price and quality ratio that also consider the tenants’ needs. We want to create a modern and cohesive business park solution with all the amenities and extras according to our clients’ requirements.

Everything you need is close by

The park has many modern solutions as well as plenty of parking spaces for cars and bicycles. You can grab lunch right at the park and if you need to get to Tallinn fast, you won’t need to spend time driving through the city. The park is connected to the city thanks to several cycle and pedestrian tracks and bus stops at the park’s doorstep.


Far from city noise, but close to what matters. Straight at the gates of Tartu for anyone visiting from elsewhere.

Transportation hub

Tallinn Airtport is less than two hours by train and the Tartu railway station is nearby. The Tallinn-Tartu highway runs right by the park, Luhamaa and Koidula border crossing points are an hour away. Narva is closer to us than it is to Tallinn.

Tartu from a bird’s-eye view

Our largest neighbour is the Estonian University of Life Sciences with its science, social capital and training centres. The fair hall Tartu Näitused that brings together the top achievers of various fields several times a year is also close by. Downtown Tartu, brimming with the fresh energy of students, is just a few kilometres away – but that’s just the icing on the cake. The Emajõgi River flowing in its majestic river bed makes the scenery as idyllic as can be.