The perfect climate for your business

Surround yourself with harmony and inspiration

The only business park in Estonia with its own ecosystem. You’ll find us near Tartu’s highest office tower, which also has a sky-high oasis across three floors that stays green all year round.


The view from here stretches to the horizon, but our vision stretches way beyond it. Beyond Tartu, beyond Estonia. Because the Green Park isn’t just a park – it’s a lifestyle and way of thinking above all.


Let’s build it together! With one million visits a year.

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We care about environment

We care about nature and the environment and use our knowledge and innovative solutions to protect it. The Green Park is the perfect complex to build a single ecosystem consisting of separate companies.

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Good price-quality ratio

We love convenience, but we also love the world!


We care about profits, but we also care about the environment!


The balance and synergy between all these elements generate green harmony that’s unlike anything else in the Baltics.

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Everything within reach. Your home, too

Everything you need is close by, while distractions are far away.


The perfect setting to do what’s important.


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